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Creative Thinking

Generate more alternatives to the same problem.Select the best alternate ideas and implement them.Turn problem into opportunities.Find the concept behind the idea to build new ideas.Sharpen and change your focus to improve your creative efforts.


Improves the three R's, Remembering, Retaining and Recalling.To develop mental skills, confidence and positive belief Reduce study time and get better grades.Score higher in tests.Become more self-motivated, build a self-esteem and Cure absent mindedness.

Day Care

Go bananas wants their parents enjoy their parent hood without guilt or pressure because the child will be in the hands of highly professional and caring staff.The unique value added service what we are providing is the homemade lunch and snacks.

About Us

Go bananas aim at overall development of children.The childhood is a period were when a child has to have a lot of fun and expects answers for all WH questions.Here the child needs responsible and a fair answer. It is up to us to provide the same with the necessary environment using a play way method of learning. with guidance of Montessori method of teaching.He who opens a school door, closes a prison Golden words of Victor Hugo. Here comes the responsibility of a school to provide healthy environment with their own pace and level by including the habits of cleanliness and time management.Homework is an integral part of childs school life K-too. It is given to reinforce,what a child learns at school.We at Go Bananas has made homework an enjoyable experience.We guide them to understand their home work, complete it in a neat and tidy way.We ensure them to have their daily study habit.We provide a quiet/hygienic atmosphere which will help your child to complete his/her home work with a proctor's help. We also make sure to encourage their learning through various other activities like reading books,conversing with friends,Slokas,Story telling and Yoga.You may raise your enquiries and requests through e-mail or in person.Ad hoc one time hourly requests are also encouraged.


Covers all aspects of Soft Skills and Life Skills,Time Management, Goal Setting,Attitude Formation, Aptitude, Manners and Etiquettes, Bullying, Failure, Success etc. are the topics covered in Personality.


Focus on areas such as Body Language,Voice Modulation,Pitch, Eye Contact,Gestures,Postures and all other aspects of non verbal Communication.